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Piano Faculty

Zach Myers

Zack Myers is a pianist, teacher, and composer living in the Bay Area. He recieved a BA in Music Performance and a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Santa Cruz, and an MA in Music Theory from the University of Washington. He has been teaching children and adults since 2010 and is an active member of MTAC. His teaching approach is based on the needs and wants of each individual student, and seeks to foster an environment that is welcoming and educational.

Zack has worked extensively as both an accompanist for a number of vocalists and choirs, as well as a chamber music performer specializing in contemporary music. He has also worked as a performer and assistant with the Harry Partch Ensemble, providing maintenance and repair support for the instrument collection. In addition to teaching and performing, Zack also currently works as the graduate advisor for the Music Department at UC Santa Cruz.