Violin Lessons in Santa Clara and Redwood City

The California Conservatory of Music offers violin lessons to students in Santa Clara, Redwood City, and the Bay Area of all ages and levels. Beginner students will start with fundamentals such as learning the parts of the violin, bowing and proper finger placement. CCM instructors will help you discover your potential of producing a good, controlled, solid sound of the violin and will present in a very understandable way so that you will enjoy learning. We offer one-on-one private violin lessons so that students can achieve their personal goals and progress comfortably at their own pace. We encourage teachers to bring the best of what they have learned through their own training and experience and develop an approach that enables them to respond to the needs of each individual student.  CCM aims to deliver the finest violin lessons in the Bay Area and to provide students the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment and give students the opportunity to play an instrument with confidence.  Violin lessons are offered at both our locations in Santa Clara and Redwood City. 

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Why choose CCM for violin lessons?

The most qualified violin instructors in the Bay Area

Our violin teachers are all university-trained with tons of performing experience. Not only that, CCG instructors are friendly, professional, and dedicated to learning about your musical goals and helping you achieve them. We are confident that we have the right violin teacher to meet your music lesson needs.

Free introductory lesson

We offer all prospective students a free introductory lesson. We understand that signing up for violin lessons is an important decision. If you are not sure where to begin, this is an excellent opportunity to come in, see the school and meet our violin faculty. 

Trophies and certificates to celebrate achievements.

We believe that small steps will lead to bigger success. CCM students constantly have goals to work towards starting with the 30-day challenge and on to the 50-day, 100-day, and yearly challenges. For each completion, students receive a ribbon, medal, or trophy as well as a certificate.

Suzuki program for young students

Our Suzuki program is dedicated to teaching CCM students as young as 3. Developed by the Japanese Violinist Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki method teaches music by ear before reading notes on the instrument so teachers can focus on setting up each student with correct posture and technique to ensure the student's continued success. Parental involvement is required for students under the age of 8 and before the child starts, parents are required to attend a private 3-week parent education class.

Performance opportunities, group class, and ensembles

We believe that music is a social activity so we present violin students with numerous opportunities to interact with each other. Each year we hold multiple recitals which offer a low-pressure opportunity to perform in front of an audience with other like-minded music students.  In addition to recitals, piano students frequently go out into the community to perform outreach concerts at local hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Students also have the option to join group classes at our Santa Clara location. This offers students a chance to perform for each other more frequently, as well as join on our many performance ensembles. 

A proven track record of excellence since 2011

One of our goals at CCG is to instill in students a great appreciation for music that will last them a lifetime. Students at CCG have won numerous international competitions, performed outreach concerts all over the world, and have gotten into the best colleges in the United States. Recent CCG graduates have gone on to Harvard, Stanford, Brown, and USC. Visit our Yelp pages to see what families have to say about our program.

We prepare students for success

CCM prepares its students for multiple types of certifications including the Royal Conservatory of Music Certification, the Music Teachers’ Association of California Certificate of Merit, and the Suzuki Method for children under the age of 8. Once you enroll in our program, our teachers will help you decide what works best for you or your child.