See what CCM students have to say!

"We have three children taking lessons at the California Conservatory of Guitar - ages 5, 7 and 10.  Each child started in pre-school.  It is truly amazing how the CCG can work with children at such young ages and consistently teach them how to play so well.  The program is amazing - individual lessons, group lessons, small group and large group performances and parental involvement.  This is a tried and true recipe for success - we do not come from a musical family yet we are amazed at how well each of our children can play in such a relatively short period of time.  The staff is talented, engaging, patient and so wonderful.  They even now have a new location in the Redwood City/Woodside area!  We recommend the CCG highly, without any reservations!"
- Raj A.
Redwood City location

"My daughter started piano lessons for older children and loves coming to class. Briana Ung is an excellent teacher. Looking forward to more lessons and seeing my daughter improve playing the piano!"
- Khim F.
Santa Clara location

"Rarely have I seen  rigor and detail in learning combined with sheer joy. California conservatory of guitar is an exceptional place. Teachers are highly trained professionals - extremely personable and warm. Our son has been going there for a while and he enthusiastically looks forward to each. We love this school and are so happy to be part of it."
- Abhishek S.
Santa Clara location

"Amazing teachers, environment, and culture! Great dedication and the best part is how they create love for playing the music. My son's teacher is Tim and he is fantastic. I would highly recommend the school for all. Thanks CCG team for creating such a wonderful school."
- Jaya S. 
Santa Clara Location

"I cannot say enough good things about CCG and all the teachers there.  Both of my children (ages 9 and 11) have been going to CCG (first the Santa Clara location and now Redwood City) for years and my admiration for what and how the faculty there teaches only continues to grow.  CCG is about so much more than just instructing children on how to play the classical guitar.  All the teachers are accomplished musicians who feel passionate about what they do.  Technical proficiency is just the beginning.  Even the youngest students (some as young as three) are carefully taught (using a variety of fun and age-appropriate/Suzuki methods) the subtleties of musical expression, appreciation and performance.  The result is a student body that, though young, excels in both skill, dedication and musical maturity.  I am hugely grateful to CCG and all our teachers there who work so hard and have done so much to musically enrich our lives."
Monica D.
Redwood City Location

"My son has been taking lessons here for 2 years.  The teachers are very good and patient with the young ones.  It is truly rewarding to see your kid work at something that seems difficult and be successful.  Besides learning and enjoying the music that is created, it builds confidence.  I recommend this school to anyone considering guitar lessons."
Xavier L.
Santa Clara Location