guitar student

One-on-one music lessons at the California Conservatory of Music are a great opportunity to work with some of the Bay Area's finest talent. All students at CCM meet weekly with their private instructor for music class at our Santa Clara or Redwood City studio. Our faculty takes into account the uniqueness of each student; their musical background, age and musical goals to create a clear plan and curriculum for the students to follow. 

We strive to give beginning students a solid instrumental technique and a thorough understanding of music. Beginner music lesson students can expect to learn the fundamentals of note reading, rhythm and technique while also exploring their own musical interests and basic repertoire.

More intermediate and advanced students begin to continue their technical and musical development thorough more ambitious repertoire. Many also participate in performances outside of CCM; regional, national, and international competitions; and adjudications such as the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program or ARBSM. 

Our school's goal is to spread a love and appreciation of music to students throughout the Bay Area. From San Mateo all the way to San Jose hundreds of music students have chosen CCM for their guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, voice lessons, or cello lessons.