California Conservatory of Music directors, Christopher Mallett and Robert Miller, first met in 2009 while teaching at the Longay Conservatory of Guitar. Here they worked closely with the great guitar pedagogue, Frank Longay, who was essential in the development of the Suzuki Method for the guitar. Frank was deeply committed to raising the potential of children through the Suzuki approach to music education. He worked tirelessly with his students, instilling in them a strong degree of integrity and an amazingly high level of musical ability.

In 2011, Frank Longay unexpectedly passed away. As one can imagine, his family and the community at his school were thoroughly heartbroken. Eventually, the idea of continuing his legacy of excellence was brought forward to Chris and Robert by some of Frank's close friends and students. The in-depth training Chris and Robert did with Frank left a strong vision for the future, and with the support of Frank's loved ones and the dedicated families from Frank's school, The California Conservatory of Guitar was formed.

The California Conservatory of Guitar was founded in May 2011 in Santa Clara, CA. Our goal was to serve a wide range of students, from beginners to advanced students both young and old, with instruction from experienced performing musicians. We also immediately began to offer students opportunities to grow musically outside of their private music lessons and classes, through performances and supplemental group or ensemble classes. Since opening our doors, we have grown into a guitar community of more than 200 families, 10 teachers, and two staff! In 2016, we decided to better serve our students from Palo Alto, Redwood City, and San Mateo who had been driving so far south for their music lessons, and we opened a second location in Redwood City, CA.

In 2014, the school gained national recognition from the Guitar Foundation of America, who selected one of the school's guitar ensembles to perform at their annual convention. Over the years CCG students have performed with the Peninsula Youth Orchestra and have received awards and recognition from the Pacific Youth Society, the Berkeley Bach Festival, the Christopher Parkening International Guitar Competition, and the Royal Conservatory of Music's Music Development Program, among others.   

In the fall of 2017, we reopened as the California Conservatory of Music. We are excited to offer more music lessons and musical possibilities to our community!