Small Steps for Big Results in Music Lessons!

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Give your practice a focus!

A few weeks ago, one of my young students came in, and without hesitation started to tell me about a recital he played this past weekend. His mom explained the situation further: it was in fact a private recital for her but the lights were dimmed and bows were taken. In this child’s mind the scenario was official from preparation to performance. 

Of course a music student’s week-to-week focus is to follow through on what was taught in their class, but it is so important to vary this process. Some special events, however small they may be to us, can be milestones for a music student to gain confidence and grow pride in their ability! Its always a great idea to sit down and listen to your child play or to organize a small performance for friends or family. So please try to organize a small audience for the music student of your household and have them play a piece or two! 

A couple events we have planned for the students: 


The California Conservatory of Music hosts recitals a minimum of twice a year, and the next ones are December 14th and 15th. They are free for our students to participate in, and we will send registration information and times out to all everyone by the month’s end. In the meantime its worth talking to your teachers about what to play!


Another smaller yet super fun, performance focused oppurtunity we have right now is our video-a-thon, which we are doing to give students a small event to focus their practice for but also to help raise money for Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. All you have to do is send a video of a piece or excerpt you’ve prepared to our email, and we will donate $2.00 per student video! Just send us the file or link to youtube! 

You can learn more about this here: Video-A-Thon

These are great events for students to focus their practice for, and a great oppurtunity to see a handwork pay off! Please participate.

-Robert Miller
Co-Director, CCM