Composer of the Month: Andrew York

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There are, perhaps, few individuals who have left such a mark on the classical guitar world as Andrew York. With over 50 works published for guitar, this American guitarist and composer has made a name for himself among some of the best musicians in the world. Let’s take a closer look at who Andrew York is, what his many accomplishments are, and the legacy that he is creating today.

Early Life

Born in Atlanta in 1958, York was raised in Virginia by a father who was a folk guitarist and a mother who was a singer. Focusing on both classical and folk styles of guitar music, young Andrew began playing at an early age. Having earned his bachelor’s degree from Virginia’s James Madison University, York went on to earn his master’s at the University of Southern California. Following that accomplishment, he pursued further guitar studies in Spain. Though Andrew York fostered a deep love for rock, jazz, and folk styles of music, he would never abandon his classical roots.

Accomplishments and Accolades

Andrew York first met guitarist John Williams at a 1986 concert in Spain in which York was the main performer and composer. Williams was incredibly impressed with some of York’s compositions, so much so that Williams played some of them in concert and recorded others. York’s first solo album, Perfect Sky was released that same year and the following year, York joined the group LAGQ, with whom he’d remain until 2006. During these years, York recorded several albums with the group and together, they earned a reputation as a talented, and high-achieving group of musicians.

During his time with LAGQ, Andrew York also maintained his focus on his personal, solo music endeavors. Since parting ways with LAGQ in 2006, York has continued his solo and composing career and we’re sure to see more of him as he continues to do what he loves.

Become a Guitar Player!

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