3 Reasons Why Every Music Student Must Experience Live Music

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Music is something that will never be completely understood. Yes, it can be broken down into mathematical relationships and theory, but the effects of music on us and specifically other musicians, is something else entirely. Music has a profound ability to stimulate the brain intellectually and creativity, and to touch our spirit. At California Conservatory, we encourage our students taking music lessons to attend live music events in the Redwood City and Santa Clara areas for many reasons. However, today we will talk about the most important three.

Inspire New Goals

Humans of all ages thrive on imitating others around them. Observing someone, especially a master, is one of the most productive ways to learn how to do something. Seeing someone do something like play classical guitar or a piano concerto can inspire us and, more specifically, inspire blossoming students to continue to practice so they too can play like the musician that they saw. They will be inspired to set new goals so they can play like “them.”

Increase Musical Knowledge

Music has evolved throughout the history of the world and it still continues to change even today. To put it plainly, there is so much music to learn about and to possibly even appreciate; you will never run out of music to explore. Hearing new music, seeing various performance styles, and learning about the influences of certain musicians can greatly expand our musical knowledge. Expanding our musical knowledge does a few things: it allows us to be more creative, to sight read even better, and to enjoy music for all of its variety.

New Musical Experiences

There is something unquantifiable about a musical experience that truly touches us. It inspires; it lifts our souls, and it can give us emotional release. Regardless if a musical performance is something that truly resonates with our personal tastes, as we mentioned above, new musical experiences can enrich our musical knowledge and experience so that we too can be creative in new and sometimes better ways. Experiences enrich our lives and inviting in a new musical perspective can give us musical depth to not only have a more well-rounded knowledge, but to also better understand the music that we play and listen to.

Live Music in the Santa Clara & Redwood City Area

Finding musical events that will enrich your student’s life can be difficult to find. It’s easy to find information about the latest contemporary concerts in the area, but classical concerts may take a little more investigation. Below are some groups to follow for some of the best classical live music:

With all of the music lessons that we offer at The California Conservatory, whether it be guitar lessons, piano lessons, or violin lessons, we strive to provide our students with a well-rounded musical education that will cultivate their potential and their love of music. To learn more about the opportunities we can provide for you or your child, visit our site.