Time to show your music skills!

The California Conservatory of Music
Student Recitals


We are really excited for our upcoming student recitals this coming weekend at The Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. It should be a fantastic time filled with beautiful music. These events are such a wonderful chance for our hardworking students to show off their hard work, listen to others play, and for families to enjoy their children’s performances. 

Why Participate in the Recitals?

While new students may not be ready to perform yet, and students who are apprehensive to partake may want to wait, performing in the recitals is such a great benefit. If your child is not participating, I would strongly recommend coming to watch one. It will motivate them and make them feel more comfortable to participate!

A Few Reasons Why:

  1. Builds confidence. Getting up on stage and playing for others is no small feat. Learning to manage one’s nerves early on in life is such a great skill to develop.

  2. Focused practice. Whether you take piano lessons, violin, guitar or voice lessons, having a goal for your practice is huge. The recital gives you that. At this point, it would be tough to decide to participate on a whim, but keep this in mind for the next ones!

  3. Promotes community and motivates. We try to mix the levels of students and instruments, so kids can be exposed to music students who are more advanced than them and to other styles of playing.

  4. Rewarding. Parents deserve to see their kids trying their best at something they have worked so hard at! So do the teachers!

  5. Personality. We have all failed in life. I have had some amazing performances in front of wonderful audiences in my career, but those would not have been possible if I hadn’t falling on my face before. The sooner that students learn that the cliche, “Failure is a sure way to success” is true, the sooner they’ll start trying new things, to help them develop into who they’ll be one day.

  6. Prepare. These events also teach you that how you practice, is how you play. We need to prepare well for these events. Even if the performance doesn’t go amazingly well, one can learn to prepare better for the next one!

Quick Thoughts on Preparing for the Recital

  1. Be sure to practice your recital piece at an extremely slow tempo everyday! Stay mindful and engaged when doing so. Whether you are playing a nursery rhyme or a concerto, slow, prudent practice will make a huge difference.

  2. Isolate difficult sections and practice with repetitions. Try to play a small one to two measure section a few times in a row in a slow accurate manner. Again the more you focus on your tone and movements, the more engaged you will find yourself. This is not a boring process!

  3. Play for family and friends. Facetime your parents and have your child play their piece for them. If they live close by invite them over!

  4. Feel free to send us a video of your child playing their whole piece. We would love to listen to it and send feedback!


Good Luck All!

Robert O’Connor Miller
Co-Director, CCM