Student of the Month January 2018 Ajit Jain

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We are excited to bring in the New Year with our first 2018 student of the month, Ajit Jain! Ajit studies with Teach Alexandra at CCM's Santa Clara location. Ajit and his parents have been a part of CCM for over 3 years. In addition to his weekly private lessons, Ajit is also part of the group class that we offer for guitar students. 

Student of the Month - Ajit Jain

What is your name? Ajit Jain
How old are you? Just turned 8
How long have you been studying guitar? Since I was 4 years and 9 months old. 
Who is your teacher? Teacher Alexandra

What advice would you give to a guitar student just starting out?  Learn to arch your wrist and keep your thumb in front in your playing hand when you're younger so that playing is easier when you get older.
What piece are you looking forward to playing?  Malagueña and Packington's Pound
What is your favorite thing about playing guitar?  My favorite thing about playing the guitar is attending the recitals because it's fun watching the other kids. 
What is your favorite food?  Mac and Cheese
What are some of your hobbies outside of guitar? I love to play flag football and my favorite position to play is wide receiver. I also like to play basketball and baseball and I'm learning ice hockey. 
What do you want to be when you grow up?  An NFL Football Player.
What is your proudest guitar moment?  Performing Corrente by Paganini at the most recent CCM Recital in October 2017. 

Parent Spotlight Ajit Jain & Purvi Mody

Regarding guitar, what are you most proud of your child accomplishing? 
Ajit's greatest challenges with the guitar have been arching his wrist and allowing his thumb to remain ahead of his playing fingers (right hand). In the past few months his persistence with the arch and thumb have finally begun to take shape and although he still needs reminding he has come a long way. There have been some tough days in this regard so we are very proud of how far he has come. We are also really proud to see how Ajit has matured through guitar. When he started, he was a very shy child. Through guitar, he has become more confident, willing to talk to adults and authority figures and perform in public. He was nervous about performing in front of his friends at school this year, but then actually really loved the attention and answering the great questions his friends asked him. A proud moment indeed.

What advice would you give a new parent starting at CCM? 
You must be fully committed to guitar at CCM which means practicing every day, and attending every lesson and group class. In the early days of our son's guitar experience with CCM, we did not take the guitar with us when we travelled. We would notice that he would regress somewhat and forget some material. Even now when he goes back to an older song that he no longer practices daily it takes him time to pick it up again. So consistent and regular daily practice is critical and we would recommend that the same parent commits to being the mentor for the guitar student. Like with any other activity, there will be ups and downs. With young children, those highs and lows feel even more pronounced. Give it at least one year if you are serious. Be patient with your child. A love of music takes time to develop.

Why did you decide to give your child a musical upbringing?
Both of us took part in musical education as children but wish we had been more committed. Our son was naturally inclined towards music and we wanted to expose him to instruments early on. Ajit's dad played the guitar for about six years as a child so it felt natural that our son do guitar since his dad could spend the necessary time. When our son was four the Suzuki method was the only learning philosophy that took kids interested in learning the guitar at such a young age. We believe that learning music is critical to creativity, critical thinking, and developing patience in young kids.

What is your favorite piece Suzuki guitar piece so far?

Ajit is still in the process of refining Waltz in Book 2. We like it most because it has pushed Ajit hard to learn new techniques and improve his hand technique (both left and right) and we can see the pride he is filled with when he improves or succeeds with something new related to this piece. Corrente is tied for first as it is his mom's favourite.