Welcome to our new site!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the California Conservatory of Music's new website!

For the past six years, as The California Conservatory of Guitar, we have brought top-notch guitar education to the Bay Area through private lessons, ensemble classes, group and theory courses, concerts, and visiting artists. As guitarists and educators, it has been a great pleasure to reach so many of our goals with the school: Many of our students have developed a lifelong passion for music; have developed confidence, work ethic, and creativity through music; and have achieved so many distinguished accomplishments, such as college admissions, competition prizes, and performance invitations.  

As musicians, Chris and I have always been driven to collaborate with other instrumentalists: singers, violinists, pianists, etc. It helps one's imagination thrive to hear the other timbres and resonance of these instruments, challenging us not just as guitarists, but as musicians as well. We feel that having more instrumental diversity at the school will help to create an even more dynamic musical experience for the entire community!

We would love to hear your thoughts or concerns as we transition. In the works is a grand reopening - the Mayor of Santa Clara may even join us!