December 2017 Student of the Month

arjun playing guitar CCM

Congratulations to CCM's December 2017 Student of the Month Arjun Apte. Arjun's enthusiasm for music shows each week when he walks in for his lesson with a huge smile excited to learn. Arjun's hard work and dedication to practice shines through with each note, and after just one and a half years, his playing already displays incredible ease. Arjun studies with teacher Tim at The California Conservatory of Music's Santa Clara location. Keep up the great work!

December Student of the Month - Arjun Apte

What is your name? 
Arjun Apte

How old are you? 
6 and a half

How long have you been studying guitar? 
1 and a half years

Who is your teacher? 
Teacher Tim

What advice would you give to a guitar student just starting out? 
Have fun playing guitar

What piece are you looking forward to playing? 
Last song in book 9

What is your favorite thing about playing guitar? 
How the strings work


What is your favorite food? 
Cheese pizza

What are some of your hobbies outside of playing guitar? 
Reading books

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Basketball player

What is your proudest guitar moment? 
When I finished book 1

Parent Spotlight: Smruti and Atul Apte

Regarding guitar, what are you most proud of Arjun accomplishing? 
His dedication to daily practice

What advice would you give a new parent starting at CCM? 
Have patience and believe in the CCM teachers, they are great at what they do!

Why did you decide to give Arjun a musical upbringing? 
We believe that music is a good way to generate happiness within and around you. We felt that an early exposure to music would build a love for it in Arjun, which would hopefully help him in the long run.

How has music impacted Arjun's life? 
It has helped him focus and improved his confidence.