CCM 2017 Fall Recitals

On October 29th we presented our bi-annual student recital held at CCM Santa Clara. Over 200 students from both our Redwood City and Santa Clara locations performed in what was easily our biggest recital day yet! Over the course of the day, we held eight student recitals from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Families and friends packed in to watch their children perform on stage what they had been preparing for the past couple of months.

Students of all ages played throughout the day, and we even had several 3-year-olds perform for their first time. If a student is new to the program and hasn't learned a complete piece yet, our instructors still encourage them to go out on stage to bow and demonstrate their four steps with the guitar to show the beginnings of their musical journey. Walking out on stage in front of an audience, even if not playing a piece of music, will help build confidence for future performances. 

This year, we added a new adult recital and had over a dozen of our adult students participate performing pieces that ranged from J.S. Bach to Villa-Lobos. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this recital a memorable experience, and we look forward to the next one!