May Student of the Month

Our "Student of the Month" for May 2017 is the great Micah Montgomery. Micah is a very dedicated practicer, who has practiced everyday for almost two years straight - that is the kind of work ethic we like to see! 

Micah is also the first CCG student to win a $5.00 gift certificate to Jamba Juice for reaching 170 practice points in 4 weeks! Here you can read more about Micah, listen to him play, and hear from his mom as well.

Want to some Jamba Juice on CCG? Get your practice challenge chart here or at the school and get practicing!



Micah Montgomery

How old are you?
I'm 7 and a half.

Where do you live?
I live in San Jose, California.

How long have you been playing guitar for?
I have been playing guitar for 2 and a half years.

How often do you practice?
I practice every day. I almost reach to the point where I can get my two-year trophy!

What is your practice routine like?
First, I practice my techniques, like chromatic scales, slurs, arpeggios and reading. Next, I practice my new song. Then, I work on my review pieces.

What is your favorite piece to practice?
My favorite piece is always my new song, which is Vals Español.

Because it's fun to learn something new.

What is the most difficult thing you are working on right now?
The most difficult thing is getting my right arm and my right hand in a good position. And the point of contact.

Do you have any tips for other students on how to practice?
Practice every day. Listen to your mom and your teacher. And don't get into trouble. 

Parent Spotlight: Molly Montgomery

Micah is a very dedicated student and practicer. How do you get him to be so consistent and disciplined?
We set a routine after school. He knows he needs to practice before he can watch TV or play. At first, he wasn't practicing every day. But once he sees how fast he improves when he practices consistently, he is sold! He is also very goal oriented, so the trophies and Jamba Juice cards keep him motivated.

What made you all decide to take guitar lessons?
Micah was the one who wanted to learn guitar, because he really wanted to join the worship team at our church. We asked two of my friends who have their kids here and they all highly recommended it.

What value do you see in enrolling your kids in music classes?
Micah shows his interest in music early on, so we just want to make sure we provide the opportunity to nurture his love for music. It has helped him to become more focused, disciplined and challenged. 

Any things you like about CCG in particular?
We like CCG for its high quality instruction. Teachers not only teach the techniques but also teach kids how to appreciate music. Spring concert and recitals provide students a chance to perform. It's wonderful to see all the families come together to celebrate their kids. It's not just a guitar school; it's a community.