March 2017 Student of the Month

Simon Lee - The California Conservatory of Music Santa Clara

This month, CCM recognizes Simon Lee as the March 2017 Student of the Month. Simon is 9 years old and studies with Alexandra at our Santa Clara Location. We are proud of Simon's progress since he started at CCM a little over two years ago and there are no signs of slowing down! Don't miss the short interview with Simon's father, Xavier below. Congratulations Simon!

Simon Lee

Q: How old are you?
A: 9 years old
Q: How long have you been studying guitar?
A: 2.5 years
Q: Who is your teacher? 
A: Teacher Alexandra
Q: What advice would you give to a beginning guitar student? 
A: Listen to your teacher
Q: What piece are you looking forward to playing?  
A: Greensleeves
Q: What is your favorite thing about playing guitar? 
A: Making music
Q: What is your favorite food?  
A: Sushi
Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?  
A: Movie director
Q: What is your proudest guitar moment? 
A: Playing for my grandparents
Q: What is your favorite scale? 
A: Chromatic
Q: Who is your favorite Star Wars character?  
A: Chewbacca

Parent Spotlight - Xavier Lee

Q: Regarding guitar, what are you most proud of your child accomplishing? 
A: Persevering through the challenges and getting over the humps

Q: What advice would you give a new parent to Suzuki guitar? 
A: Make a habit of practice and have patience (not saying it's easy)

Q: Why did you decide to give your child a musical upbringing?
A: I wanted him to learn to play an instrument and create beautiful music

Q: Have you noticed a difference in your child's confidence level since starting guitar lessons?  
A: Yes, The recitals help, and he's performed at school functions

Q: What is your favorite Suzuki piece?  
A: So far, Waltz by Calatayud in book 2

Q: Which piece are you looking forward to?  
A: Waltz by Paganini in book 3