June 2017 Student of the Month

Guitar 2017 June Student of the Month

Our June "Student of the Month" is Purav Desai. Purav is a student of Teacher Alexandra at our Santa Clara location and has studied here for almost six years. Purav not only performs on the concert stage but also enjoys going into the community to play for others in venues such as nursing homes. In addition to his weekly private lessons, Purav is also a member in one of our many guitar ensembles.


How long have you been playing guitar?
7 years

Who is your teacher?
Alexandra & Mason

Where do you live?

What is your current piece?
A Musical Pastime by J. Rathgarber (book 6)

What is your favorite piece to play?
Vals Espanol from Suzuki Book 5

What has been the most difficult challenge you’ve had in lessons so far?
Improving my right-hand technique

What advice can you give a new guitar student just starting lessons?
Learn how to practice efficiently so a student can improve exponentially. 

You recently did an outreach concert at a nursing home, what motivated you to go out and play in the community?
On the occasion of Memorial Day, I wanted to contribute, even if in a small way, to help bring some fun in the lives of people who've served our country with valor. 

Where was the nursing home located?
Casa Sandoval, 1200 Russell Way, Hayward, CA

Parent Spotlight: Sameer Desai

What made you choose the guitar for Purav's first instrument?
I'm a big fan of flamenco, & was always intrigued by the guitar's versatility in adding that extra zing in almost all musical genres. 

What advice would you give a new parent starting in our program?
The kid has to like the sound of the guitar, otherwise, it is very difficult to sustain his / her interest in the long run. It is also important to expose our kids to listening to different guitar styles. 

How did the parent education classes help with working with Purav at home?
They're most helpful in the initial stages to prevent our kids from forming bad playing habits.