Guitar Student of the Month January

Guitar Student of the Month


Our student of the month for January is Will Bettinger. Will is a 10 year old student from Mountain View who currently takes guitar lessons with Robert Miller at our Redwood City location. Will is a fabulous student who is consistently prepared for his lessons but shows even more promise because of his inherent love for the guitar. Right when Will began to take lessons Will’s parents started to expose him to recordings by great guitarists. Music is a language and only being exposed to it in lessons and practice is not enough to become fluent! Listen, listen, listen! He also had a very busy December performing at events like the Dickens Fair at Cow Palace in San Francisco and others throughout the Bay Area (more below).

A couple things will has done that would help other students:
1) He has a Spotify account which he adds artists and pieces that I suggest he listen to or that he finds on his own. We shared a Spotify playlist a while ago check it out here!

2) Will finds it is helpful to practice in the mornings and uses a great app called Brilli to stay on task!

"Brili helps kids succeed in their daily routines by combining visual schedules, chore chart, voice prompts and more into a wearable and mobile app game."


Q: How long have you been taking guitar lessons?

7 years

Q: What is your current piece?

Allegro Vivace by Mauro Giuliani

Q: What is your favorite piece or skill that you have learned in lessons?

I like doing bars in the left hand where you use one finger flat to cover lots of strings at the same time.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of music?

 I like to travel, play chess, do Taekwondo and play tennis.

Q: What was the most difficult challenge you’ve had in lessons so far?

Free strokes were hard when I first learned them.

Q: What is your favorite food?

Cheese burgers

Q: You recently did a lot of performing would you tell us about them?

I performed at the Dickens Fair, a Christmas party, a rest home, a church service, and a creche exhibit with my family in December.  One of my sisters plays the harp, two of my sisters play the violin, and my brother plays the cello.  We played Christmas music. In the Dickens Fair we had to wear costumes from London in the 1800's.  

Q: Do you have any advice for students who have upcoming performances?

My advice to students who are performing is not to look at the audience and you won't get as nervous.

Q:Whats your new year's resolution?

My resolution is to have more careful practice every day.