Redwood City Location

The California Conservatory of Guitar in Redwood City!


As many of our families and students know, we have been working hard to get our location in Redwood City up and running. It is a nice little spot on Woodside Rd. where we offer private guitar classes. As our location in Santa Clara has a ton of space we will continue to hold the group classes, ensembles and recitals there. Since traffic is much easier on the weekends people from up this way can supplement their private guitar classes with all that our community has to offer should they decide to!

Many of the students and families who used to have to drive up to an hour to be a part of our school are so happy 10 minutes from Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Woodside! 

I have added a couple of photos of the lobby and some of the studios so those of you who won't be able to come up here can take a look!