Preparing for the Recital

Guitar Recital Preparation

As we have discussed in our last post the California Conservatory of Guitar's semesterly recital is fast approaching! We will have six throughout the day on Saturday November 12th.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin

The most important aspect of performing is the practice we put in - how we practice is how play.  So in the coming week leading up to the event, we all need to make sure the students are doing slow careful practice. We have discussed this in a prior post, "Productive Guitar Practice"

There a couple great, easy ways to build confidence leading up to the performance. The first is to play the piece all the way through for family members and friends as much as possible. One student at CCG actually performs at least three pieces for his mom and dad every Sunday - it is part of their family routine. Secondly, try to record the piece the kids are playing on your phone and look back on what could improve. Sometimes the camera lens is pressure in and of itself!

Our goal with the recitals is to help strengthen the community at CCG. It allows the young students to see the advanced ones, for all the teachers, parents and students to see the fruits of their labor and for families to meet! It is also a great way for the students to build confidence and to see that a diligent, prudent process will lead to a beautiful, polished product. 

See you the 12th!