Hard Work Pays Off - Quick Thoughts

One of our goals for students at The California Conservatory of Guitar is for students to develop a strong sense of work ethic through their study of music. The semesterly recitals really help drive this mission. A couple of weeks ago, on Saturday, October 24th, we saw the majority of the school get up on stage and present a piece they had been preparing. Students from advanced to beginner had been working diligently to refine their selected piece in weeks leading up to the recital. 

As teachers and musicians are fundamental goal is for the quality of playing to be high, but we all strive to go further and make sure the extra benefits of learning an instrument are being taken advantage of. Great preparation for any type of performance, whether it be a musical one or not, gives us all a heighten sense of confidence and helps us put our nerves aside, so we can focus on the specific task at hand. We often hear of the cerebral benefits of a musical education, and while these are surely important, one of the most tangible benefits that we can see in students through their preparation for weekly lessons and performances is this realization that good practice and hard work really do pay off. We hope you all continue to work hard throughout the semester - the next recital will be here before you know it!