Balancing Practicing and School

    For many guitarists, high school is simply stressful. Students are exposed several new opportunities and experiences, and their schedules fill quickly. For high schoolers who don’t want to make a living through guitar but still love it as a musical hobby, practicing often can be difficult. I can attest to this. I am a freshman at Bellarmine College Preparatory. I recreationally fence outside of school and am part of my school’s competitive speech and debate program. Trust me when I say that debate isn’t just an activity, it’s a way of life.

    Even though high school activities take up a lot of time, there are ways that you can make time for yourself. The first one is pretty simple. Just don’t overload yourself with activities. If you don’t even have thirty minutes to an hour of time for guitar, then you’re not going to have time to relax. For most people, it usually isn’t a case of not having enough time. It’s either time management or forgetting to practice due to getting caught up doing work. These problems can also be solved. 

    I personally don’t use practice logs, but along with scheduling out your day, these logs will definitely help with time management. I also have a solution to forgetting to practice. One of the easiest ways is to practice as soon as you get back home from school. Typically, I’d start work as soon as I get home, but if you start off by practicing, you won’t get caught up in work.

    Of course, the best motivation to keep on practicing guitar is your own love of music. The guitar makes absolutely beautiful music, and listening to professionals using things like the CCG playlist on streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora is a great way to motivate yourself to practice. Personally, I like to listen to classical music on FM radio (channel 104.9) at night as I go to sleep.

    Staying organized helps with everything. The easiest way to do that is to schedule out your time. Block out certain periods of time to be dedicated to one thing or the other. Staying organized will also help you with free time.

    In conclusion, keep your love of music alive, and you’ll have the time to keep getting better at the instrument you love, GUITAR!!!


- Ashwin Pillai