Beyond CCG

One of our goals at CCG is to instill in students a great appreciation for guitar and music that will last them a lifetime. It is always a joy to touch base with students after they have graduated high school, and to find their passion for guitar has continued into their college years. I thought I might share the stories of a few of our students.

Not too long ago, I met up with a student of mine, Ayush Midha who is currently a freshman at Harvard. He was a spectacular young player, who is also interested in debate, Biology, Medicine and Swahili (thats right). I remember when he affirmed that Harvard was quite difficult, I thought to myself, “he doesn’t have time to play anymore.” Minutes later, he told me that he still plays about five nights a week in his dorm room, and how he finds it to be a great source of relaxation.  

Another student Grant Menon, who studies Biomedical Engineering at Brown took formal lessons through the university his first year. Many of his new friends at Brown are musicians too! He started an informal ensemble with several of his hall mates, who play flute and clarinet, for which they made their own arrangements of movie scores (Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, etc.) and Latin American music. Whats more is he was able to play in the pit orchestra for a Piazzolla tango opera called Maria de Buenos Aires.

It was nice in his email to hear the following:

“Playing guitar has helped shape my sense of aesthetics, work ethic, and even my personality to some extent. It's served as a way to connect with others, both at school and abroad. And it's a wonderful way to relieve tension at the end of the day.”

CCG graduate Sean Keegan studies Physics and Music at The University of Southern California. He is currently studying with William Kanengiser of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and playing in a guitar duo with a fellow classmate. He says, “I’ve been playing my whole life and love it.” He has also been furthering his study of music this year with classes in music theory and is beginning to dabble in composition!

We look forward to helping students develop their passion for the guitar, so they can carry it with them through life!