Welcome to The California Conservatory of Guitar.

We are committed to the idea that all students have great potential which can be developed through a positive, motivational environment, consistent practice, and first-rate instruction. Our school offers a well-rounded, thought-out curriculum; experienced faculty; and a fun, educational atmosphere. Take a minute to watch videos of our faculty or students, read about our program, or sign-up for a free 15-minute trial!

Watch the video below and learn more about our program! 


               One of guitar Ensemble performs at our Spring Concert

               One of guitar Ensemble performs at our Spring Concert

Our Goals

Our main goal with The California Conservatory of Guitar is to provide Bay Area families with exemplary guitar education.  We believe that all students have great potential, which can be reached when they are placed in the right environment. The school was formed to supply that: an inspiring place to learn music through the classical guitar.

Benefits of Music

The most important benefit of a music education is the creative and expressive outlet it allows a student, but there are many others that are interesting!

Numerous studies have shown that learning to play an instrument contributes significantly to cognitive development.  Students in study groups displayed a higher IQ and up to 20% improvements in standardized testing. 

"The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is the driving force behind this intuition. My parents had me study the violin from the time I was six. My new discovery is the result of musical perception." - Einstein

To play music at a high level, one needs to practice everyday. Students who constantly prepare well for their classes and performances develop a strong sense of work ethic, as well as a strong sense of commitment. When they see the positive fruits of their labor from reassuring comments in the lessons and at the recitals, their confidence grows!  Besides guitar lessons are fun - an added bonus!

Music is Social

We have grown a community of well over 130 students and families in the San Francisco Bay Area that benefit from our exemplary guitar instruction. Music is a social phenomenon, and it is a shame that most student's experience with music is going to a weekly private class, practicing at home, and then going back to the private class. At CCG students practice with their parents at home (depending on their age), attend group classes and ensembles, where they can play guitar with other kids, and participate in recitals and performance at the school. 

Our school is conveniently located in Santa Clara, CA with easy access from Central Expressway and Highway 101. Guitar students come to us from San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and throughout the Bay Area for guitar lessons taught by a well-educated, experienced faculty. 

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